On 4 June 2011, Cittaslow Australasia was established in Yea, Victoria. With the successful accreditation of Yea, which joined Goolwa in South Australia and Katoomba in the Blue Mountains NSW, a meeting was held to establish the Australasian Cittaslow Network.

It is a requirement for a country or region to have three accredited towns before a national network can be established. Following the experience of the Scandinavian Cittaslow Network, it was agreed to call the organisation Cittaslow Australasia to ease the entry of single towns from New Zealand and other Oceania countries into this family of towns that strive to improve the quality of life for all who live, work or visit their precinct.

Cittaslow is a combined program involving Council, the business and the community. Local committees in accredited towns work to promote Cittaslow values through information campaigns and specific projects; delegates also come together once each year to collaborate on fine-tuning the Cittaslow process and principles for the Australasian environment. 2016 saw the release of an updated process and criteria – see the Resources page for more information.

In May 2017 Australia became the centre of the Cittaslow world as delegates converged upon Goolwa Alexandrina, in South Australia from all the national Cittaslow organisations around the world.