Cittaslow International General Assembly

Innovate. Activate. Participate. Thrive.

9-12 May 2017

A combined Alexandrina Council and Cittaslow Goolwa committee organised this event on behalf of Cittaslow International.

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The Assembly, the first to be held in the Southern Hemisphere, was a great success with over one hundred delegates from around the world, attending. In some ways this may have been the most important event ever held in Goolwa. It was clearly the most important international event. In addition to the formalities, delegates had the opportunity to explore all that Goolwa and the Fleurieu had to offer.

Cittaslow Goolwa was incredibly lucky to have the services of Leon Mead, a professional photographer and Cittaslow member, available to visually document assembly activities throughout the event. Other photographers also took photos of some events. Many of these photos have been featured in local media and on the Cittaslow Goolwa Facebook page. See the full program. Included are links to selected photos of highlights of the 2017 Cittaslow International Assembly.