Cittaslow - an international network of cities where the living is easy

In other words, a global network of towns and villages in which the community cares about its heritage, health of inhabitants and environment, arts and culture and living life at a peaceful pace.

The Movement

The Movement of cittaslow was born in 1999 through the Paolo Saturnini’s brilliant intuition, past Mayor of Greve in Chianti, a little town of Tuscany.

The new idea of considering the town itself and thinking of a different way of development, based on the improving of life quality, moved him to spread his thoughts all over Italy. His ideals were quickly endorsed by Mayors of the towns of Bra (Francesco Guida), Orvieto (Stefano Cimicchi) and Positano (Domenico Marrone), as well as then meeting with the president of the Slow Food movement, Carlo Petrini, and gaining his support. The main goal of Cittaslow was and still is today, to enlarge the philosophy of Slow Food to local communities and to the governing of towns, applying the concepts of organic production, careful preparation and shared enjoyment of food (ecogastronomy), in a practical and everyday lifestyle.

Municipalities which join the association are motivated by people interested in the ways of the past, where man can still be a protagonist of the slow and healthy succession of seasons and respectful of citizens’ health. They value the authenticity of local products and good food, enriched by local traditions of craft and valuable works of art. Their towns prize public squares, theatres, shops, cafés, restaurants, places of the spirit and unspoiled landscapes. They are tolerant of other cultures, have respect for traditions and seek the joy of slow and quiet living.

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